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"Is there anything you can't do?"

Don't tell me if there is.  I'll figure it out. 

The Production Assistant

I was hired to work on several projects as a Production Assistant. These were great opportunities, enabling me to realize there really are jobs I am equipped for, that I love!

Newcomer, Morris & Young
Creative Marketing & Production Agency

Production Assistant, Scouting, Casting, Wardrobe, Talent Liaison

I enjoyed wearing many hats : Production Assistant,  Scouting locations,  Casting talent,  securing Wardrobe,  Talent Director.

Miss Kay's "Celebrating Family & Friends"

Production Assistant

I was at the right place at the right time, and was hired as the Production Assistant for New York Times best selling author, Kay Robertson's, 2nd cookbook.   

When I met Jennifer Davick and her team, every creative inclination in me came to life ... such precision ... such excellence ... from scouting to acquisition, and anything else needed, as a Production Assistant.

Jennifer described me as a "Freakin' Human Swiss Army Knife."       I'll take that!! 

HGTV Magazine, June, 2016, Cover

Production Assistant

It was such a privilege to work as a Production Assistant with both

Elizabeth "Liz" Demos,   and

Jennifer DeCleene

for HGTV Magazine's  June, 2016,  Cover. 

Among other things, sewing pillow covers and painting  pots were such a fun way to go National, making the Cover.  It was more like Adult Day Camp for me!!

Production Assistant: Features
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