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What Can I Do For You?

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I am definitely a multi-faceted woman who thinks outside the box. I celebrate and embrace the complexity, power and joy of the feminine spirit ... just as I was designed, created and empowered to be.

From a very early age, I came to realize and believe there is little I cannot do. I had the caring, nurturing love of a mother who grew up on the mission field in Quito, Ecuador,

along with a father who always pushed me to reach my potential. 

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention.”

I believe it, credit it, and have experienced it as a single mother of four for many years,

BEAUTY IS LIFE for me ... whatever the Source!! 

Clearly, those I Love hold the greatest Beauty ...

with the celebration of  Good  Food  as an ongoing priority to any and all gatherings ...

add in the context of Water, Sand, a beautiful Fire, and/or Mountains ... Perfection!

Then there’s Music.      A Lifelong Love Affair!!

I have a ready song in my heart, and on my lips,

whether I am alone, or stepping into the spotlight.

How can I facilitate more Beauty in Your world?        I’M  GAME!!

I hope You find what You are looking for here,

and I am able to help You bring your Vision to Life!

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